Tommy Keith

Brian O'Sullivan

Todd Biehle

Todd Biehle is a joyful and talented musician who has been surrounded by music his whole life. His parents were both guitarists, and his cousins Nick and Drew Lachey were founding members of 98 degrees. In his twenties, he joined The Acoustic Jam and began performing at open mics. His skill progressed further over the years, transitioning him from spectator to an integral fourth band member - contributing harmonies and harmonica as accompaniment. Today Todd is a core member of the band and sings lead vocals alongside Tommy Keith. Professionally, Todd owns a successful commercial and residential audio-video integration company, combining his musical passion with a successful career in the industry. Happily married to wife Tracy Biehle, Todd's enthusiasm for music is still going strong!

Tommy started playing guitar and singing when he was 8 years old. There was a period of about 25 years when he didn't play very much at all. Tommy has been a member of the Delaware Saengerbund band for many years and is also the club’s dance group instructor. Tommy is heavily involved the annual Oktoberfest celebration each year. Tommy’s daughter and John’s son attended Cab Calloway High School for Performing Arts together, some mutual aquanitences recommended John and Tommy get together. Tommy joined John for a jam session in a dive in NJ, from there they got together occasional to jam. One day John called and asked if Tommy wanted to sit in on a gig with him the Aqua Sol restaurant in Bear. That was the start of what eventually became The Acoustic Jam. From that point on Tommy was key in managing and supporting the “Musician’s Showcase” which developed into the most popular musician’s event in the area. Over time as John and Tommy continue to collaborate, they were joined by Brian O'Sullivan and Julie Malewski. Tommy’s musical disciplines were instrumental in orchestrating the harmonies that became their signature sound. He continues to perform with The Acoustic Jam throughout the DE, MD and PA region. Tommy is also available for solo performances. If you are interested in booking The Acoustic Jam or Tommy as a soloist call 302-981-1759 or e-mail

I played in my youth for a number of years. Took about 30 years away from playing and picked it back up in 2006. Got a jump started by a friend, Billy the Beach Guy, I meet on a beach in Delaware. Started playing at a bar in NJ, then was jamming with some local musicians eventually landed a gig at Aqua Sol in Bear DE in August of 2010. Invited a few friends to join me which eventually became an invitation musicians showcase that was held twice a month for over 3 years that I branded "The Acoustic Jam a Musicians Showcase". During that time a group of regulars, Tommy Keith, Brian O'Sullivan and Julie Malewski, starting just migrating to jam with each other. Eventually rehearsing on our own and developing an incredible 3 part harmony concentric sound that CSN would be proud of. Since that time we've kept the "The Acoustic Jam" as a band name. We now play on average 40-50 gigs a year throughout DE, MD and PA. I also book solo performances . If you are interested in booking The Acoustic Jam or me as a soloist call me at 302-545-8297 or e-mail

Brian learned piano as a young boy, then picked up guitar & bass as a teenager and studied music theory as part of his university studies. In recent years he's played keyboards in Yes-tribute “All Good People", and Wilmington’s “The Rock Orchestra”. Most Sundays he plays keyboards or guitar with his church's praise & worship band. You'll find Brian backing up fellow members of The Acoustic Jam on guitar, bass & backing vocals.